Saturday, December 01, 2007

7 Strangers

Picked to live in a house and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. . .

Here are the rules:
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Here are my first seven:

1) I'm living with a roommate [mostly] voluntarily for the first time ever and things are going really well. This makes me feel better after a couple really awful experiences with Russian old-lady roommates who did things like consult their psychic about me (verdict: I needed to move out), wear surgical masks in my presence and throw tantrums.

2) My roommate and I decorated for Christmas, which involved making two pine wreaths and two swags. I pulled out my collection of Christmas stuff and was sad to find that my first Christmas ornaments (no value beyond sentimental) from my only Christmas alone (in Russia at that) aren't there and I'm not quite sure where else they'd be.

3) Those ornaments aren't the only purchase from Russia I've been pondering of late: I'm pretty sure I bought a chic felt winter hat, but now I can't remember where it is or what exactly it looked like. I orient visually and cannot picture it in my room at home. I don't have it here. Did I even buy it in the first place?

4) I'm in Hamburg this weekend, celebrating Thanksgiving nine days late. For the communal table, I made a family specialty, Wild Rice Dressing. In Germany, wild rice costs $7/lb.

5) I'm staying with my quasi-host family/friends from Hospitality Club. There is a family of three from Brazil here as well. I am so impressed (as always) with how open and relaxed my friends are. They make it so easy to jump right in to their home.

6) Today I went to the doctor for the last time on my comprehensive German insurance. He said my knee has now reached full extension. Two weeks (and 16 therapy appointments) ago, I was still 5 degrees away. While I'm happy that I've made such progress, I'm afraid that it will regress and regress permanently.

7) I joined a gym so that I could keep doing my therapy exercises on my own. I enjoy the classes and the sweat and really really enjoy the sauna (even if the Germans have as many rules about the sauna as Icelanders have about swimming pools). When did I become this person?

Here are my second seven:
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