Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Getting Ready for the Next Move

It's hard to know which is the biggest change in my life recently:
+ the submission of my Master's thesis and the nearing end of my academic career (for now, at least)
+ the first or the second knee surgery to repair my torn ACL
+ my planned move to Berlin, to look for work there, in Europe, and beyond

Since the first two followed in rapid succession and I currently find myself between surgeries, I have been preparing myself for the third. Last week I found a new address in Berlin, my own large room in a sunny shared flat in the area known as Schöneberg. Now my task is to pack up all my things and figure out a reasonable way to get them to Berlin before my next surgery.

Otherwise, there are about a million other little things to deal with, like passing along my new address to insurance and utility companies, unregistering in Hamburg and reregistering in Berlin, registering myself as unemployed, applying for jobs, etc. Never a boring moment here, no sirree!


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