Thursday, October 05, 2006


"Upon your birthday..."
A birthday comes but once a year,
And so upon it's arrival, you should drink some beer,
And laugh and play, and merrymake,
Or even bake a German Chocolate Cake,
And if you haven't traveled much,
Although, in your case, I have a hunch,
It does not apply, not even close,
For you have travelled the very most,
Then hop a train or plane or bus,
And go somewhere where joys are most,
And if it isn't to see your friends,
Who are in America, for which one can't make amends,
Then go to where you'll remember them
And know that on this very day,
They're thinking about you in every way,
And wishing you a Happy Birthday!

"Woman of the world. An original haiku."
She speaks rus pol deutsch
Task master with nice sandals
Banana bread bakes.

Today is my birthday. I'm finally 26, which is young in Germany and old in America.

Birthdays have been difficult since I've been living abroad. Since 05 October falls near the beginning of the academic year (which still dictates so many things in my life), I am usually starting a new program and have generally been thrown together with people I hardly know to celebrate. This means I greet birthdays of late with mild trepidation. Eventually I come to love and appreciate the people I'm with, but during the time in which my birthday falls, we are still somewhat strangers to each other. It's an odd ritual among acquaintances.

Thankfully, most of my friends and family remembered to send an email to let me know they were thinking of me today, for which I'm quite grateful. And I know that when I finally have a mailing address (which will hopefully be resolved soon) there will be cards galore to make up for their present absence.

In its own way, however, the placement of my birthday reinforces the idea that this is and should be a time to start afresh. It's also convenient for wishing, since there are (ever more) candles to be blown out. As I am partial to the even years, I am naturally hoping that there will be a lot of positive things happening in my life this year.

Let's drink to that.


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