Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mommy wow! I'm a Hamburger now!

Well, I still don't have a permanent place to live, but I am in Hamburg, for better or worse.

Trying to find an apartment is proving difficult. It doesn't help that classes start on Thursday and that Tuesday is a holiday. Oh, and that Germans don't work on Sundays.

In the meanwhile, I'm staying with a really great family that I found via Hospitality Club. It's in the links list on the right. I'm hoping to find something by the second week of October, so that the friend who's storing my stuff can help me move, as he will be home visiting from Hungary!

I'm looking at living south of the Elbe, or in the area between the North-South Elbe split. I'm quickly getting a hold on which areas are where (and where it is best for me to look), though I still have no idea what each area is like.

Good news is that my University transportation card is valid starting tomorrow, so I plan to get out and explore regions I'm interested in. Yesterday I walked around Harburg (near S-Harburger Rathaus) and visited a somewhat scary, absolutely smoky apartment that I definitely won't be renting.

I'll let you know when I've found something; until then, keep crossing those fingers for me.


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